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Affordable Business Email, For All.

CHIMA™ Professional Email offers a reliable and secure business email system that can help you gain your customer's trust, show you're a serious business and business owner, and make the right all-important first impression.


With an array of features designed to help you meet your communication needs, CHIMA™ Professional Email is the perfect choice for any business, and shows your commitment to excellence & professionalism.


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At CHIMA™ Email, we understand how important it is to make a good first impression. That is why our email system is designed to meet the needs of any business, large or small. Our professional email system includes a number of features that make it easy to manage contacts, organize emails and ensure that your communications are professional and secure. With our system, you can be sure that you’re putting your best foot forward and building trust with your customers.

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- Enterprise Level Systems | At a Startup Level Price -

Fully Dedicated & Customizable Email Client

Team Conferencing

& Chat Fully Integrated

Easily Add Additional

Accounts Anytime, 24/7

Online & Offline Functionality

24/7 Customer Service

Converse, in any language

E-Mail Reminders

& Notifications

Calendar & Appointment System

E-Mail Undo

& Delayed Sending

Multiple Customization Options

In-Email Document Reader & Editor

Email & Document

Cloud Backup


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Total: $72/yr Per User

- Charged Per User - 

- 14 Day Free Trial - 

- No Custom Branding -

- No Live Support -

Gmail is a staple of the industry that we highly respect. This is usually the starting platform for many new business owners, and rightfully so. For those who have outgrown their email we offer an affordable professional solution for the next level of their business, but we fully support anyone's decision to utilize their services.

Total: $39.99/year w/ Promo

- Charged Per Email -

- 50% off Discounts Available -

- Customize with Personal Branding -

 - Simple Shared & Group Emails -

- Calendar & Tasks System - 

- CRM System & Upgrades Available -

- Company-wide Chat System -

- Email Recall -

- Attachments up to 250 MB -

- Email Routing -

- Email & Folder Sharing -

- Exchange ActiveSync -

- Email Hosting for Multiple Domains - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee -

- Domain Aliases -

- 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed -

- 24/7 Premium Customer Support -

- SSL Security & Privacy Built in -

We welcome you to CHIMA™ Professional Email, the fresh new take on business email that comes fully integrated with lots of paid features included at no additional cost. This system is perfect for modern businesses with its custom features that we have taken the time to specifically tailor to the needs of companies in today's competitive market.

Total: $60/yr Per User

- Charged Per User -

- 30 Day Free Trial -

- No Custom Branding -

- No Live Support -

Microsoft revolutionized business email with Outlook and are a great choice for any business. Their systems come with a suite of useful tools that are typically very well suited for large corporations. This is a great option for anyone at that stage of business and with ample resources available for management.


Join our Many Happy Customers!

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee On All Plans

- We Guarantee the effectiveness of our system for your business.

So much so, that if you don't enjoy it, we will pay for 1 mo. of 1 user of Google or Outlook (up to $10/mo). No questions asked. -

*Operates in ALL Languages. Free Trials & Promos Available. Simply Click Begin to See Offers.*

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Get inspired to get a new professional email for your business!


Grab the Plan that fits best for you and your needs


Let us know the email address(s) you would like created for your account


Work with 24/7 Customer Support for final setup & continued maintenance


- Full Setup & Support From Start to Finish -

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I 'm always excited whenever I show my business card and my website to someone new. It looks professional, clean, and makes me feel so proud to be my own boss.


"I seriously did not realize how bad my email looked to new customers. Of course they won't tell you out of politeness. But once I changed it to actually match my business  one of them made it clear to me. Never going back."

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I should've started with the right email in the first place. More sales and more customers is key to keeping a business healthy and running, and ever since I upgraded, everything has been looking up.


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Gain free publicity and referrals by showcasing your business here with us. Contact our Team to begin.

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Office employee

Karl Kiesinger, SIS Security

Karl, a security company CEO, upgraded to CHIMA™ Business Email to boost his team's productivity and keep his, and his clients' information secure. With the professional email system, Karl was able to streamline communication and work more efficiently. He was impressed by the system's features and the quick support provided by CHIMA™.

Wedding Dress Designer

Amber Ashli | ISTM & ABOB

Amber is a multi-talented business super-woman. She needed an all-in-one solution for her Teams. We continually provide her that for all her businesses and enhance it further with 24/7 Premium Customer Service. Meaning she enjoys all the benefits, with none of the headaches., & (Joint Account) (Group Email) (Group Email)

Photo Identities have been fully altered for the safety & privacy protection of our clients.

Law Professional

Ike Umeugo, Umeguo Law

Ike of Umeugo & Associates Law Firm needed a more professional email solution to handle their sensitive client information and improve their workflow. They turned to CHIMA™ Business Email and set up a shared group mailbox for each of their teams. The system's security and organization tools allowed them to work more efficiently and provide better service to their clients. (Group Email) (Group Email)


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